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Keyhole Services

"Keyholing" is the process of making a small, precisely controlled excavation to access buried utilities for the purpose of locating, inspection, or to perform repair, maintenance, or installation of utility facilities with the use of specialized tools. Conventional practices—usually performed using several large pieces of equipment (backhoes, dump trucks, pavement breakers, etc.)—can account for a significant amount of time and labor relating to a repair job.

The keyhole process is cost-effective, results in a better pavement repair, and is safer for the employees because they do not have to go down into the excavation. Not only does keyhole coring and reinstating use fewer pieces of equipment than conventional excavation and restoration, but because it reuses the same core of pavement to permanently repair the roadway after the underground work has been performed, there is no need for additional paving materials.

Site restoration requires no temporary patching, overnight road plating, or return trips to make final restorations. The road is restored to traffic-bearing strength in as little as 30 minutes following job completion.

Various utility operations can be conducted through a keyhole opening. These activities currently include: potholing/depth checks, valve box cleanouts/replacement, meter guard installations, plastic pipe squeeze-offs, service installation and abandonment, cathodic protection, and cast-iron joint sealing.

photo of Corevac crew doing keyhole drilling
Corevac crew at the keyhole site.
photo of Corevac keyhole drilling equipment
Corevac keyhole equipment.
photo of Corevac crew doing keyhole drilling
Inside the keyhole.
photo of keyhole
Inside the keyhole.
photo of Corevac crew doing vacuum excavation of keyhole
Inside the keyhole.